About alice

All our ice cream is produced in house. Everything we do is in small batches thereby ensuring a fresh product. We offer a limited selection of flavors enabling us to guarantee a well-thought product of high quality.

When developing the ice cream recipes our mantra is the fewer ingredients, the better the ice cream. Basically, we want our vanilla ice cream to taste of nothing but vanilla beans and milk, and our strawberry sorbet to taste of nothing but the sweetest and juiciest strawberry. We therefore put a great deal and effort into choosing our produce.

We also don’t use any “base-recipe” – instead we let the ingredients and flavors dictate the direction. This means every single flavor is developed from scratch. It’s undoubtedly a hell of a lot more work, but we believe it yields a superior product.

Damn good milk

In our milk based ice creams we use milk from Naturmælk.
We have chosen their Signatur Jersey Hømælk due to the fact that the taste of it is so incredibly rich, perfect for making that smooth milky ice cream.

The milk contains approximately 6% of natural fat which is extremely high. The reason is the special cow race that produces the milk – the jersey cow. The jersey cows produce less milk than ordinary cow races but in return they produce milk with more protein and fat, this resulting in a much more powerful flavour.
The milkiest milk you’ll ever taste!

We aim to keep the fat in our ice creams at around 8%.
This is a rather low level but we find that it provides the best balance between creaminess and lightness. Furthermore the lower the fat percentage the more explosive flavour release. And as an additional bonus we can all eat that much more ice cream and still feel fabulous.

It’s impossible to make ice cream without air. Air gives ice cream it’s characteristic smoothness. Though we try to keep the level of air at a minimum in our ice cream without losing this beneficial effect on the texture – we want to serve you ice cream, not air.

Pure flavours

In pursuit of making flavors that are pure, natural and intense we strive to push our ice cream to the limit when it comes to content of the primary flavor ingredient. As an example our vanilla ice cream contains on average two whole vanilla pods pr. liter.
We believe it’s the only way to get that strong and true vanilla flavor.

The vanilla we use is a bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. A type of vanilla which contains more vanillin – the component which gives the classic vanilla aroma and taste.


We use coffee beans from Koppi in Helsingborg, Sweden. Anne and Charles are the founders of Koppi and keep a high level of quality in everything they do. 
As Anne says: Great coffee doesn’t become great by chance. Each step is of equal importance. 
Anne and Charles use their skills when roasting the coffee beans and they personally ensure that the prior steps in the production chain – growing the plant, picking the ripe coffee cherries, sorting, drying and milling the beans – are according to their standards. Furthermore they seek to create long-term relationships to the people who grow the coffee, giving them better and more profitable conditions. We really like that.
To learn more about Koppi visit their website at www.koppi.se